Thursday, June 20, 2013

Triple Art Magic: Burton Machen, KAVES & Karlos Carcamo Crossing The Lines!

A show you don't want to miss is Hionas Gallery's "Crossing The Lines" featuring Kaves, Burton Machen and KARLOS CÁRCAMO, located at 124 Forsyth St., L.E.S.   Three brilliant artists the cross from street art and graffiti to contemporary mixed media -- and every piece is stunning!  I have been a follower of Machen and Kaves for a while, Machen especially when I first saw his McQueen images and a recent introduction to Carcamo, whom I'm now a fan as well.  
Above the Kaves and Machen catalog, (Machen's from the last show but images were present at the recent.)  If you are a mixed media fan as I am, and love McQueen, then you need to see these. 

Kaves signing my art postcard...
Mr. Kaves (Michael McLeer), from Brooklyn began his street art endeavors at age 10 and has secured spot in the graffiti hall of fame.  He has become the go-to street artist and trend forecaster to many brands like Georges Duboeuf for whom he created the label for the 2011 Beaujolais Nouveau, NIKE, Jaguar, MTV, Adidas and Van's Warped Tour designing exclusive visuals.  Kaves has also defined logos for artists such as the Beastie Boys and House of Pain's Everlast.  You can see his Beastie Boys tribute to Adam Yauch / MCA below, which has also been widely published in New York and L.A.
Burton Machen
The second I gazed on Machen's McQueen piece from the locked gates at Hionas Gallery, (then in Tribeca), I was sold.   Since then I have discovered all of his famed mixed media pieces in a developed series "Portraits Project."   These powerful expressions have been seen in cities across the country in which he photographs urban decay and mixes it with a collage to form gritty-yet beautiful images.  Machen documents selected the urban images around town, which often include other street artists tagging the piece, time, weather, passersby, etc. until he has the perfect image to work with. Then, he applies the magic.  You can read all about his process and style on the site listed below.  If you love the street art / mixed media combo, you will thank me later for the introduction.
Another master, Carcamo's pieces use the high and low cultural iconography and art history reference creating a space between cultural identities.  His work combines a nicely balanced mix of street art themes and contemporary.  He has shown throughout the country and internationally with extensive awards and honors, most recently shows here in New York City and Museo de Arte de El Salvador.   I'm especially drawn to the feel of, again, simple artistic "glamour and grit" he presents so effortlessly.  You can also learn more about him, his paintings and sculptures via his website below.

Carcamo sculpture
Mr. Kaves & Gallery owner Peter Hionas
This show runs through June 30, 2013, visit for exact hours / information.  And, of course visit: