Thursday, July 11, 2013

"From The Street Up" & "Those Summer Daze" Heat Up The Lower East Side

This past Saturday Woodward Gallery presented "From The Street Up" curated by Royce Bannon and Cassius Fouler.  The show focused on sculptural work by street artists and public artists including John Ahearn, Richard Hambleton, Michael Alan, Stikman, NohjColey, Miguel Ovalle, Leon Reid IV, Skewville, UFO, Gabriel Specter and Robert Janz.  The exhibit runs through July 31, 2013 and is located at 133 Eldridge Street on the lower east side. While you are there head across the street at Ghost Art Lounge & Bar where you'll see four big panels of "Those Summer Daze" by Chris RWK.  Have a look at the show and the summertime art....
Richard Hambleton
Gabriel Spector
NohJColey does Royce Bannon
Robert Janz
Leon Reid IV 
Michael Alan, Michael & Michelle

"Those Summer Daze," three (44"x68") panels by Chris RWK at Ghost on Eldridge across the street from the gallery...
My photos, very similar to the one on the invitation below...