Monday, July 8, 2013

The Unique Art & Fashion Mix of Aga Baranska, Let's Color!

A serious art/fashion mix here friends, meet Aga Baranska.  She grabbed my attention in recent months as I began to see her work on and I had to learn more.  I'm fairly obsessed with her art period, especially her use of thick, textured paint patterns, her use of collage, and a healthy fashion editorial sensibility and vibrant colors.  Her contemporary-chic paintings are full of images you would see in the glossies but much more interesting and slightly distorted, I love when an artist gets their hands on fashion. Born in Poland with gypsy roots, Baranska brings a new sense of modern pop to challenge the fashion images, my favorite thing.  You will become a fan too, especially if you enjoy the art/fashion mix.  Have a look...
See more of her work at