Monday, July 8, 2013

Pose & Revok Color NYC With A Brilliant Mural & Gallery Show - Do. Not. Miss!

Lets start with giant work of art on the corner of Houston & Bowery Streets , (the famed Goldman Properties wall), which took Pose, (Jordan Nickel) & Revok, (Jason Williams), over 80 hours in the heat to complete. 
A few close ups above...

Now onto the Jonathan Levine Gallery for the packed exhibit entitled "Uphill Both Ways" curated by Roger Gastman.  Gastman served as consulting producer for Banksy's Oscar nominated "Exit Through the Gift Shop" and was Associate Curator for Art In The Streets (MoCA) in Los Angeles.  He is also the co-author of The History of American Graffiti.  (Note; Brett Amory also exhibited the same night, his full coverage profile will be up next.)
The gallery was filled with a "celebrity style" of artists coming out to support the duo, (see the photos below.)  The shows title was inspired by the late graffiti artist NEKST and relates to each personal battles, legal persecution and loss as well as general human struggles on a macro level.   The artists both draw inspiration from their environments in the process of chopping up various elements and reassembling the slices to form an intriguing story of shapes and textures.
This exhibit is the first New York solo show for each and although their styles and techniques vary, their work is strongly connected conceptually.  Pose's work references and is inspired by comic art, skateboard and advertising graphics and collage, while Revok creates geometric panels with vibrant colors and patterns from abandoned homes, schools, churches and businesses.  As you can see their mediums and techniques are intertwined perfectly for what is one of the most interesting shows in New York this year.  

These are by Pose (Jordan Nickel)...
...and these by Revok (Jason Williams)
Pose speaking before the opening, Revok below...
Pose is based in Chicago while Revok calls Detroit home. He is also the founder of the Detroit Beautification Project in which he and his peers created murals throughout the city. They are both members of The Seventh Letter, an acclaimed West Coast art collective and MSK, (Mad Society Kings), a world-renowned graffiti crew.  Both are very well respected, highly accomplished and have shown in various museums in Los Angeles.

Legendary artist & actor, Lee QuiƱones
Cope 2 signing...
Indie184 & Cope2
KidLew & Cope2
My new friend Helen, an art teacher from Australia & artist Ivory.
Susie, the nicest person to ever work in a gallery...
The guys talk to a packed house. Beyond packed.
If you miss this show, you're just crazy, period. It's just that phenomenal.
You have until July 27, 2013. Jonathan Levine Gallery is located at 529 W20th St., 9th Floor
Up next it's all about Brett Amory fascinating installation show, also at the gallery.