Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Art/Fashion Mix: Street Artist Santi Moix Mural Prada!

Introducing a new (street) art/fashion mix at Prada by Santi Moix at the Spring St. store up until the end of August, I was not previously familiar with this artists until now.  Here are a few details from Paul Kasmin Gallery:
"We live in an era of increased security, but still the Spanish painter Santi Moix was stunned by the number of men in black who circled him during the 48 hours he recently spent inside the Prada Epicenter store in SoHo. “Tons of them, looking like secret agents” kept tabs on him, he said, as he temporarily transformed the Rem Koolhaas-designed space. “Now you can go to Gagosian, they have security everywhere,” he added, “but Prada was the first to have protection for the bags and the shoes.”

But Moix posed no threat to the accessories, only to the walls. He was there to embellish a 200-foot image of a naked model, designed by the design studio 2×4, a longtime Prada collaborator, giving her an otherworldly cast, as he’s known to do — a process captured in this time-lapse video documenting the mural’s creation. Moix’s imaginative works often delve into the magical and allude to epic tales, like a recent series at Paul Kasmin Gallery based on the adventures of Huckleberry Finn. “I like to think big,” he said. “When I lived down the block” — at Broadway and Spring Street, from 1993 to 2004 — “I always thought, ‘This wall would be a fantastic size.’”

Below are a few photos I took, impossible to capture the entire image as it spans the entire store, basically one block.
See the time lapse mural here: and or stop in the Prada store at Broadway & Spring.