Monday, August 26, 2013

Ivo Bisignano Illustrates The Fashion & Art World

Another amazing art/fashion mix I discovered from Diane, A Shaded View Of Fashion (, a while ago is Italian fashion artist Ivo Bisignano; also an archaeologist of fashion, a creative multi-tasker that mixes nostalgic inspiration with pure, visual design.  (I don't know a great deal about the artist nor could I find much on him expect for projects that he has worked on.)  Regardless, these are among my favorite illustrations below; sketches of prominent fashion and art world figures.  What I did find is that he describes himself as a "freak gang", composed of characters that defy the institutional categories to transmit an aesthetic message of beauty through diversity, uniqueness, and surreal, glamorous lines.
Andy Warhol
His methods ranges from pastel and wax drawings to more complex 3D illustrations made from plastic models in vegetal paper, bolted together with silk thread, that become animated dolls onto which the artist sews his outfit-mementos. The materials and fabrics have been preserved over time: old Diorstockings, Lavin embroidery, scraps from Burberry trench coats, bows, ribbons and vintage trimmings.
Have a look at his illustrations of the prominent in fashion....

Mucia Prada
Kate Moss
Dolce & Gabbana
Karl Lagerfeld

Linda Evangelista and Donatella Versace

Kristy Turlington

John Galliano
Nice art/fashion mix! Visit to keep up on this artist, I will be!