Saturday, September 21, 2013

Art / Fashion Mix Fix Alert! MAC's Latest Inspiration; 80's Fashion Illustrator Antonio Lopez!

Here we have a serious art/fashion mix from MAC Cosmetics inspired by the late Antonio Lopez, (1943-87), 70's/80's legendary fashion illustrator.  One of my favorite things that I look forward to is when brands do a "serious" collaborations with artists.  This one is spot on with product, packaging and promotions - remembering the multi-mega talented Lopez as the Mac store resembles a gallery, sort of.  Mac is known for recent art colabs as Indie 184 and Marilyn Minter just name a couple.  
This collection is said to only be featured in stores for another week at most, if it's not totally sold out sooner.  (The only gripe I have is that they don't seem to make enough and the products disappear FAST.)  I managed to grab a lipstick pallet this past week, that I will probably never use as I want to keep it in my "collection."  (I still have not used my Curtis Kulig LOVE ME products bought from his Smashbox/Sephora colab earlier this year.) 
What to expect: the legendary fashion illustrator’s vibrant energy, brazen attitude and love of life inspire a striking colour collection featuring: Lips x 3 Palettes and Face Palettes perfect for highlighting natural tones and contours, much like we do in painting on canvas or walls.   Each palette displays the fiercely individual face of one of his muses, “Antonio’s Girls,” while each product’s packaging features a drawing by the artist, making these objects d’art to be treasured.  You'll notice 70's/80's supermodel Pat Cleveland everywhere as she was a huge muse to Lopez and many other designers from the historic Studio 54 time.

Have a look and try to get a "collectors" piece today before they are gone, or at least go see the "exhibit" at a Mac store near you.  (Available only at actual MAC boutiques, not department stores.) 
I especially love this photo above!
Muse, Pat Cleveland....
  The artistic products....

Antonio's muses.  For more on Lopez scroll back through the blog to February for the complete Lopez book signing by the authors.