Monday, September 23, 2013

We Have Our Winners! RED BULL CANVAS COOLER Announces Who Is Going To Art Basel Miami....

Last Thursday night the party of the month, or season, took place as the Red Bull's "The Canvas Cooler" - 2013 artists presented their works of art to the judges and the very huge crowd. Twenty New York based artists transformed Red Bull coolers into customized works of art and two winners were chosen for a spot at SCOPE Art Basel Miami Beach 2013 in December. So who were the two lucky winners? Big congratulations to Icy & Sot and Michael Anderson who have secured their spot at the international art fair in December as the art world heads to Miami.
The other eighteen amazing coolers will go on display at select Brooklyn venues where they will continue to be admired.
Have a look at the coolers, the artists and the event...
Group photo with all the artists...
Luis Zimad Lamboy and winners Icy & Sot
One of the winning coolers by (above) Icy & Sot
One of the winners, (above), Michael Anderson

Zimad and James "Sexer" Rodriguez

Beau Stanton


Steve Wasterval

Sophia Maldonado


David M. Cook


Col Wallnuts

Brian Kirhagis, Indiw184 and Phetus with the signature canvas!
Jerkface and Cope2 signing...



Tanja Vulin

Brian Kirhagis

UR New York


The judges....
Artist (CAM), Craig Anthony Miller and curator Frankie Velez
Artist Lexi Bella (right)
More photos from the event are available at
Until next year!