Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Art/Fashion Mix Fix: Hellbent Takes Over Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren - A Must See!

If you want a truly unique indoor/outdoor, art installation experience by one of NYC's most talented artists, head over to Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren at 99 University Place, south of Union Square.  Brooklyn (street) artist Hellbent has taken over the store for an amazing art / fashion mix collaboration in The Art Wall Project.   The Art Wall supports supports creativity and individually by collaborating with emerging artists to transform the Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren New York store facade into a work of art that celebrates the spirit of the brand.  Hellbent is the first artist in this endeavor, who also designed a special T-shirt in which 100% of these proceeds will benefit the students at the School of Visual Arts, (where KAWS, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf got their start.)
Ralph Lauren has always been on the forefront of retail and digital innovation and is now fusing art, fashion and technology to introduce the new shopping experiences inside the store and out.  As you approach the store from a block away you can see Hellbent's building decor of bright colors and patterns emerging, when you actually arrive at the building, you'll be mesmerized.  The beautiful architecture is even more vibrant and notable now as the entire building has been transformed into colorful, rich patterns by the artist and his talented team.  The windows are beyond stunning as well giving the famous Bergdorf Goodman a serious run for their money.  Look deep into the windows and you will see into Hellbent's art world fused with the stores products, continually find new, interesting items to look at, the details are priceless.
Once you enter the store you will see his art throughout, as well as unique one of a kind clothing items, that are unfortunately not for sale.  Look up, look down, the canvases and the artists work adorn the mannequins and displays, (feels like a contemporary gallery within a store.)
Hellbent is a staple in the NYC art and street art scene and if you are lucky, you can catch him in one of the benefit art auctions, galleries or find one of his murals along on Welling Court in Long Island City, Centerfuge (LES), and at the Bushwick Collective, also find his work in the publications "Street Art New York" and "Graffiti New York." If you are in the Los Angeles / Venice area, you will also see countless murals and commissions of his work again throughout the streets and select galleries. Have a look at the art and the opening event....
T-shirt especially designed by the artist to benefit SVA, (price $50), get yours today before they are gone.
The artist, Hellbent
Amazing clothing not for sale, maybe we can beg him one day...
Window close up's....
More information on Hellbent can be found here: http://hellbentart.com and the Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren is located at 99 University Place, New York, NY 10003