Saturday, November 2, 2013

Street Artist RAE Presents A Unique Exhibit In A Real Bodega!

One of the most interesting art shows I've seen in a while, with endless things to look at is RAE's "Word of Mouth" full-on installation exhibit located in an actual bodega in the East Village.  You won't get bored here as there is SO much going on and every wall and little crevice is an experience.  Yes, Brooklyn based artist RAE has transformed a bodega (non longer in use, damaged by Sandy), into a gallery, yet keeping the store partially stocked with food items, loaves of bread, bagels, blenders, sodas, cigarettes, lottery tickets, EBT cards and a pay phone.  All with your typical bodega surveillance cameras keeping an eye on things.  
The paintings and sculptures are everywhere so be sure to look closely as you wander about and get the full experience. 
  Note show details: Thursday - Saturday, from 2 - 7 p.m. 
at the corner of East 12th St. & Avenue C running through November 16, 2013.
Don't miss this one, have a look....
Looking over the crowd, making grilled cheese sandwiches and pouring the beverages...

To learn more about RAE visit this link of an interview publsihed by the Village Voice: