Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jeremy Penn at Why Not! Modern-Pop Artist At Sleek New L.E.S. Space!

A couple weeks ago I received an invite on Facebook for an art show at the new Why Not Coffee featuring artist Jeremy Penn.   I opened the info and saw the pop-esque portrait of my love David Bowie, of course I needed to attend.  Being a longtime fan of a modern, pop portrait, I had to see this one in person and I'm so glad I did.  First, the new coffee space is a beauty located at 175 Orchard Street, LES.  It's sleek, modern and warm with awesome coffee and gourmet treats. Next, the grand sized, incredible art of New York City based Penn, shows modern pop portraits that are simply perfect for these elevated walls.   Have a look at Jeremy Penn's work and visit his site at to learn more.
See the beautiful photography on the Why Not Coffee Facebook site at
Follow the artist & the new establishment for details on the next upcoming shows at Penn will also curate.