Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Yes, More Basel. From The Shows To The Streets Part 4! Erik Jones, Jessica Hess, Red Bull Curates, Thinkspace Gallery and more!

More Basel.  Part four as I still have more from the shows and the streets, and because it's cold here, more warm thoughts of Miami are needed.   See pieces from Erik Jones, Bast, Jessica Hess, Nychos, Pure Evil, Ben Eine, D*Face and the galleries that represent them.  One very colorful post here, maybe one of my favorites!
Jessica Hess's (above/below), oil paintings of the graffiti and street art streets that never cease to amaze... 
The amazing Erik Jones (above/below)
Brett Amory
Nice mix of Buff Monster and D*Face
Ben Eine (above/below)
Icy & Sot, a part of the Red Bull Curates winners from NYC
Sara Emerson (Atlanta, Whitespace Gallery) 
Thinkspace Gallery representing all of our favorites....
Nychos (above / below) from Mighty Tanaka Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Pure Evil (above/below)

Miss Van
Shepard Fairey
A bunch of Ron English (above/below)
Now to the streets of Wynwood....
Faith 47 in Wynwood (above / below)
Fumero / Whisbee (above/below)
Chor Boogie from San Francisco (above/below)
Os Gemos in Wynwood
KOBRA murals in progress...many of them, more featured next....
Alice Mizrachi
INDIE184 & Alice Mizrachi
Magdalena Marcenaro
Percy Fortini from Connectiut

Elle Deadsex 
Pez (two above)
Cope & Pez colab

Closing the night, Art Battles with Elle Deadsex, London Police and a few from the Netherlands I didn't get the correct name of, sadly.  You guessed there, there are still more photos from Basel of our favorite street and gallery artists to be feature in yet one more blog....stay tuned!