Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We Miss 5 Pointz. See The WHITEWASH Exhibit With Artists Reactions at Jeffrey Leder Gallery in LIC

We all miss 5 Pointz. So many of us looked forward to going by a least a few times a week to see who was painting, what they were painting and meeting new artists from around the world. As everyone knows last Novemeber it was "white washed" breaking hearts from here to every corner of the globe, as the artists who painted here came from around the world. 
We knew the building was eventually going but to have it destroyed in this violent, disrespectful manner (painting over it), was sinful. Everyone knows you don't paint over another persons work, it's common sense (but not to billionaires who only care about the dollar.)  Not sure why they just couldn't leave it "as is" until the day the wrecking ball came, but again people with so much money know nothing about this sort of thing, nor care. Agreed, it was going to leave us, we all got that - but I'll never understand why this stupid act of cluelessness was done.  Why not let it be until the day it was officially torn down, hello?!  I heard the ridiculous reasoning and again, just plain ignorance from soulless individuals  --with way too much money and too little real common sense.

Fast forward to last week when the exhibit "Whitewash" opened at Jeffrey Leder Gallery across the street from 5 Pointz.   An epic show, not to be missed on the artists reaction through, of course, art.  From the curator, Marie-Cecile Flaguel and the gallery; “Whitewash, is an answer to the violent act of G&M realty on November 19th, 2013 in Long Island City Queens. Overnight thousands of murals adorning the building known as 5 Pointz were destroyed. It‘s a story of pain, sadness, and anger at times and reflection. An epic of an art community and its home coming apart under the pressure of economical trends and waves of gentrification."

Bringing together a cluster of resident graffiti artists and two Queens photographers, the exhibition enables the artists to express their true feelings and thought process since loosing their work to a white layer of paint, and their home to the pressing demands of real estate development.  The heartfelt and compelling show features the art work of nine graffiti/aerosol artists and two photographers.  For the first time since the whitewash we can now witness how it affected this collective from their home of 11 years.  

It occupies two floors of the gallery, as well as a gift shop to purchase your 5 Pointz memories.  Contributing artists include; Auks, Cortes, Hans Von Rittern, Jerms, Just One, Meres One, Orestes Gonzalez, Poem, Shiro, See TF, Topaz and Zimad. 

Have a look at the opening night and visit the gallery at 2137 45th RoadLong Island City, New York 11101 steps from the Court Square 7 & E train stops. The exhibit runs through June 8, 2014.
For more info on gallery hours, etc. visit: http://www.jeffreyledergallery.com