Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bushwick Collective Celebrates 3rd Annual Block Party & 1st Gallery Exhibit!

This past Sunday the Third Annual Bushwick Collective Block Party took place on Troutman Street (between Wyckoff & St. Nicolas Streets), bigger and better than ever thanks to organizer Joseph Ficalora. The event (in conjunction with Bushwick Open Studios), featured more artists than in previous years with the true draw being the mega-mural paintings happenings live. The weather couldn't be more perfect and now with more restaurants and bars in the area this area of Bushwick is the place to be, especially for yes, street art!
The impressive list of talented artists painting live were not only from our area but visited us from other parts of the globe like Solus (Ireland), 
Franck Duval (France), Pixel Pancho (Italy) and Case (Germany) also Billy Mode, Chris Stain, Jerkface, Fumero, Damian Mitchell, See One, Rubin415, Adam Fu, Vers, Vexta, Zimad, Sexer, Lexi Bella and Meres from the famous "5 Pointz."   They all spent the day painting, taking photos with fans and signing lots of black books.  The new works of art will be up 24/7, for a while in one of our favorite "outdoor gallery" areas, make sure to check it out soon if you've missed the festivities.
Have a look at the party and the art with a few in progress and before / after photos of the murals...

Many before / after progress shots of the murals will be up in the next posts.

The Bushwick Collective also held their first gallery exhibit featuring many of the above artists last Thursday, also curated by Joe Ficalora.  
Have a look at the big evening...
Franck Duval
Solus (above / below)
James Sexer Rodtiguez
Joe Iurato (above / below)
Jerkface (above / below)
Adam Fu
Organizer and curator Joe Ficalora with art by Dan Witz
Dan Witz
Beau Stanton
Blek le Rat
The show was only up for the event however if you are interested in the art email me at valentestyle@gmail.com and I will put you in touch with the correct parties.  Enjoy the street art murals which are up 24/7 for a while, don't miss them, visit the Bushwick Collective today.