Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Original NYC Ol' School Graffiti Writers Reunite Uptown!

This past Sunday, many of NYC's ol' school original graffiti artists came out to grace some of the walls uptown on 215th & Tenth Avenue, (right off of the 1 Train Uptown.)  It was quite the happening party of original lettering, black book and MTA map signings.  Some of the guys and ladies have recently been in gallery shows around the area while others  haven't been writing/painting for a while but came out for the event. 
Have a look at the originators....
Will Power
Scratch & Lady K Fever (above/below)
Rocky184 (above/below in progress)
Koolkito & Will Power
WizartSpoke from Rhode Island
Take a trip uptown on the 1 to 215th Street to see the walls, also more great work at the 207th stop off the A.  Stay tuned for more old school as the summer heats up!