Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Begins With A Yard Sale at DeBuck Gallery!

Last Thursday night the Chelsea galleries featured a huge line up of some of the best gallery shows that I've seen in a while.  Everyone from Crash at Jonathan Levine Gallery to Hellbent at C24, Jerry Kearns at Mike Weiss to Kit Kittle's photo show "Roughnecks & Dragqueens" at Art Now was stellar.  And, I can't forget a fabulous pop up exhibits by Florian Sussmayr at B2OA, a must see especially if you love the old style, punk rock music and movies that he juxtaposed with brilliance.
My first stop was at DeBuck Gallery which didn't have an opening, but a unique and "fun" on-going exhibit that I previously missed.  It was a summer "Yard Sale" in all it's glory.  As you enter through the picket fence on the green grassy turf, you are greeted with things - well, "art" that you cannot find at any ol' yard (or stoop) sale.  This was not so much a "sale" with sale prices, but a great summer installation with works of ZEVS, Kelly Reemsten and many more of their top artists.  
Kicking off the Chelsea gallery show set of blogs, (and there will be a few as the shows were that good and plentiful),  let's start at Debuck - kicking off summer....
ZEVS above and his skulls below
Kelly Reemsten
The exhibit should be on for the next month with lots to see, stop in and check it out at 545 W23rd Street.  Visit for more details.  
More from the gallery shows up next, stay tuned and have a look on my instagram @leannav so you miss nothing!