Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More Of Everything: Welling Court Murals Part Two!

Here we have a quick post on Part Two of the Welling Court Murals in Astoria, NYC brought to us by AdHoc Art.  See the previous post for all of the information at The completed (and newly added), murals are up next for Part Three, the final post on the event.  Head over and have a look 365 days a year!
First, a look at what happens when it rains (the night before the party), the artists draw...
Cern and Estaban Del Valle
Now back outside on Saturday...
Pyramid Oracle
Magdna and her finished piece with floral arrangement, no one else had that!
Pyramid Guy
True graffiti....
RHAK / Pyramid Guy
Cey Adams
Matt Siren and Russell King
Louie KR1 Gasparro & Alice Mizrachi
Yes One
DJ Jerms
Herb Smith
Icy & Sot
Danielle Mastrion & Lexi Bella
Joseph Meloy, Ellis Gallagher and Abe Lincoln, Jr. colab
Kaff Eine from Australia
Chuck Barrett
Rene Gagnon
Rodney "Panic" Rodriguez
Col Wallnuts (above/below)
Adam Dare
Dan Witz
Anthony OneThousand
Newly added by Shiro
Eyez celebrating
One last post on the event will pop up soon with completely finished murals and newly added ones from this past week.
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