Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Welcome to Welling Court 2014 - More Of Everything!

The Welling Court Murals  / AD Hoc Art program in Astoria/Long Island City, Queens returned last weekend for it's 5th year with more murals and more artists to painting the neighborhood colorful.  Over 50 artists graced the walls of the main and side streets beginning a week prior, painting throughout the week (in the heat and rain), finishing up on Saturday to enjoy the block party and see their fellow artists murals. 

Street artists and graffiti writers from New York City,  Rochester, St. Louis and Oklahoma City to international painters from Brazil, Ecuador and Australia all joined AD Hoc this year from different generations.  Visit the area and you will find immaculate street art - paintings and stencils to true old school graffiti murals that can be viewed 365 days a year, no doubt with something for everyone.   This year we saw many returning artists and newcomers to Welling Court including Billy Mode, Rubin, Joe Iurato, Alice Mizrachi, Louie KR1 Gasparro, Mr. PRVT, SPOne, Toofly, Damien Mitchell, Seeone,  Col, Cern, Estaban Del Valle, Icy & Sot, Rodney "Panic" Rodriguez, Pyramid Oracle, Eyez, Russell King, Royce, Raquel Echanique, Vera Times, Lexi Bella & Danielle Mastrion and Herb Smith - just a name a few.

See my extensive photos of the artists in progress from day one up to the finished pieces --and a few scenes from the block party.  Of course, like last years' blog from Welling Court I will be doing few posts, that's how much there is to see.  You can view all of the finished art on several blocks beginning at 30th Avenue / Welling Court, a 10-15 minute walk from the N, Q MTA stop at 30th Avenue. Wind up and down the blocks to see it all!
Alice Mizrachi (above / below) with a "guest"
Danielle Mastrion (L) & Lexi Bella (R), Magda Marcenaro (far R)
Christian Cardinale
Mr. PVRT (above / below, with King Bees)
Never, but he's not done...
Joseph Meloy
R.Robot (above / below)
Jonathan Arthur Carr
SPOne in progress
Eyez (above / below)
Cake & Ryan Seslow
Pyramid Guy
Damien Mitchell
Estaban del Valle
Damien Mitchell
Bishop (above / below)
Rubin and Joe Iurato (above / below)
Billy Mode
Shiro for Pop Bar
Pyramid Guy / RHAK
Louie KR1 Gasparro
More of everything on the way tomorrow. This is only the first post...stay tuned!