Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jeff Koons Joins H & M On Flagship Opening

What am I missing here?  Jeff Koons joins H & M on their latest flagship opening, well sort of.  I don't get this one as to me, it didn't feel like a true "art / fashion mix."   H&M the fast fashion retailer with almost a store on every block in NYC now opened a new, flagship location at 48th Street & Fifth Avenue.  It's a beautiful store with floors for women, men, house wear and accessories. 
"Fashion Loves Art" was the theme a la Jeff Koons and I was interested to see what it was all about.  I don't feel "fashion loved the art" as there was no art and no art products, well one.   I didn't see the real mix, just the "brand collaboration names."  That's it.  Usually when a brand colabs with a designer there are lots of products, the art is placed strategically, the fashion adorns the art like t-shirts, bags, etc. designed around the artists styles.  Usually you would see many any pieces and lots of choices, not here.  
There was one only handbag for women (below) and one for men priced at $49.95 (men sold out immediately I believe), but tons of women's left.  (I didn't see anyone even looking at them.)  These would have been $10.95 minus Koons dog-balloon.  And, that was it.  I don't understand the concept, I just see it as one name using the other to pull in big crowds.  I was looking for more actual pieces, a signature t-shirt...something, anything.  
This was totally unlike UNIQLO's SPRZ's line of  MOMA Collection; Warhol,  Haring, Basquiat, Pollock, McGinness, Morris and now Kusama, etc.  They feature a museum like atmosphere with a ton of choices in clothing, bags and accessories and continue to do so months with again, mega choices.  H & M / Koons did not. While the store is beautiful (and if you are going to shop there I recumbent this location for the best selections), you won't find any Koons pieces to wear - or look at, or anything.  
This was not my favorite art /fashion mix, if you want to see his art go to the Whitney Museum.  If you want a few easy, inexpensive pieces of summer and fall, hit H & M.  But don't look for a real mix.  On to the next one...