Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mickalene Thomas, Hellbent, Nick Gentry & Jerry Kearns - Artist You Need To Know Showing In Chelsea!

There are many stellar stow at the Chelsea galleries to see  this month, most run for a few more weeks or well into August.  I've highlighted my favorites as the art walk was one of the best Thursday nights I have experienced there, I think - ever.  Each gallery had a stellar exhibit, one after the other. 

 Here's a quick look at my top pics...
At C24 Gallery,, 514 W 24th Street through August 23,2014, YELL-O featuring J. Mikal David / HELLBENT, Nick Gentry,  Adele Mills and Ekaterina Panikanova...
Nick Gentry....
J, Mikal Davis / HELLBENT

Adele Mills
The artist HELLBENt and Stephen from Brooklyn Street Art
Jerry Kearns featured at Mike Weiss Gallery (, also through August 23, 2014 through at 520 W24th - 

People looking at art and people "in an art setting" at Andrea Meislin, through August 8, 2014 at 534 w24th -  Can you tell which are the photographs by famed photographer Andy Freeberg and which I took of people looking at art, fitting in with the theme? Well, I'm sure you can! This was one of my favorite photography exhibits especially portraying the art world.

Over to the Michalene Thomas at Lehmann Maupin (, at 540 W26th which will run through August 8, 2014...
This is Kehinde Wiley (, here who is a brilliant, mega artist who was at Thomas's show, he is most famous for his portraits as seen in this above shot ironically.  Coincidence how this came together at two different galleries; him in one, his work being portrayed at  another, by a famous photographer, make sense?
Mickalene Thomas

That's not all, more highlights from this gallery walk will be posted next.  Stay tuned and hit the galleries!