Saturday, August 9, 2014

Art/Fashion Mix: Angelina Christina & EaseOne Cover NYLON Magazine!

Since NYLON is basically a fashion magazine, this makes for a nice "art/fashion mix."  Here we have the incredibly talented street artists / muralists, Los Angeles based Angelina Christina and Ease in the magazines' corporate space for a quick photo shoot after completion of their huge office-long mural.   They both paint world wide for many brands and have been collaborating since the beginning of 2014. It was a treat to be able to photograph them here and on a mural location in Jersey City, (coordinated by Savage Habbit in Jersey City), that will be posted soon as well.
The two worked tirelessly, 48 hours straight last weekend which, obviously paid off as it's a beautiful piece that represents the brand and eachs personal styles.  And, not to forget one of the most important parts, their paint sponsor - KOBRA Paint
Follow them here to see their next masterpiece: Angelina Christina: @starfightera  Ease: @easeonetx