Wednesday, August 13, 2014

BLADE "The King of Graffiti" & Chris Pape at the Museum of the City of New York

Last week, The Museum of the City of New York held another stellar panel discussion in conjunction with its City As Canvas exhibit entitled; BLADE “The King of Graffiti.”   The packed event featured a talk and book signing with BLADE author Chris Pape.  By 1980, after painting 5,000 wildly creative trains BLADE became known and loved by the graffiti community for painting a rich collection of artwork on the street and on canvas, becoming "the king of graffiti."
As the talk began it was clear that BLADE was a humble genius who gave praise and esteem to other writers from back in the day recognizing their talents as well.  He struck me as a kind, nice man appreciative for the attention his work has received over the years and continues to do so.  It was a treat to talk with him briefly and have my book signed by both he and the legendary author, Pape. 
Have a look at a few photos from the event....
Chris Pape and BLADE
BLADE above and slides from the early days....
The massive book signing line...

More about BLADE: KING OF GRAFFITI: This is a gorgeous, colorful hardbound collectible book from the legendary graffiti artist from the Bronx. His career has spanned over forty years and writer/NY graffiti artist Chris Pape, aka FREEDOM, sits down with him to recount his high’s and low’s in this 250 page book, rich with vintage photos of his life and artwork. This book parallels the New York graffiti movement almost from its inception, moving through its glory years in the mid-1970s, when BLADE earned his title, and ending in the global art scene, where he remains a major presence. BLADE helped New York graffiti become internationally famous by making it look fun, and, for reasons of quantity, quality, and, perhaps above all, for sheer spirit, BLADE may very well be the most popular graffiti artist with his peers.
Curator, graffiti writer and well, graffiti everything; Roger Gastman
To purchase the book visit the museums book store or on  You can learn more about BLADE here:  The exhibit City As Canvas runs through September 21, 2014, visit