Thursday, October 9, 2014

OS GEMEOS Houston / Bowery Wall Unveiling Thanks To Goldman Properties!

Last week, Goldman Properties owned Houston Bowery Wall unveiled a gem that was originally done in July 2009 by twin artists OS GEMEOS (Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo.) Many of us knew it was hidden back there but were unsure if we would ever actually see it again, luckily we did and so can you for the next few weeks - if you have not been by already. 
About the wall; the public art movement at Houston and Bowery began in 1982, when Keith Haring painted a mural on an abandoned wall at the cross section of the two streets. The exuberant mural, featuring bright Day-Glo paint and his iconic pop art characters, stood out as a gift of beauty and art to the community. The wall lay dormant until 2008 when on the occasion of what would have been Haring’s 50th birthday, gallerist Jeffrey Deitch together with Goldman Properties commissioned a recreation of the original mural. Goldman Properties, who have owned the wall since 2004, saw this as an opportunity to give permanence to the movement Haring started: using the wall to share world class art with the community. Since that time, Goldman Properties has curated many legendary artists for the wall including OSGEMEOS, Kenny Scharf, Shepard Fairey, Barry McGee, How and Nosm, Swoon and more recently Maya Hayuk.

Have a look at the photos of the unveiling and celebration... 

In 2009, Tony and Janet Goldman choose to bring world class art to the streets of New York City. The curation began with the selection of OSGEMEOS. The masterpiece they created would be the impetus for an artistic energy that has solidified the importance of the Houston Bowery Wall in the public art movement. OSGEMEOS created a vividly colored world inhabited by their unique characters living life in a dream-like environment influenced by music and folklore. The twins dedicated the mural to the memory of their friend Dash Snow, a fellow artist, who had recently passed. Upon completion of the mural’s run, with the concrete of the wall starting to degrade, a stud wall was placed over the mural in order to provide a stable canvas for the next artist. 
Identical twins and artists Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, who compose the duo OSGEMEOS, born in São Paulo, in the Cambuci neighborhood, where they developed a distinct way of playing. They found a way to communicate with the public through their art. The artistic career of OSGEMEOS covers a variety of techniques and medias that coexist simultaneously or alternately: from the drawings to the graffiti and murals, from painting to kinetic images, sculptures and installations. Their work has a fantastic nature, a kaleidoscope where images from diverse backgrounds, with surreal elements, overlap and bounce in a colorful palette.
That "Al" has since been removed...
Janet Goldman and Martha Cooper
Wayne Rada of The L.I.S.A.Project and Janet Goldman
Cope2, Janet Goldman, Jessica Goldman Srebnick, CEO of Goldman Properties, John "Crash" Matos and Ron English
Maya Hayuk and Crash
Also added to the gang, Maya Hayuk (above and below) and Jeffrey Deitch (end)
Martha, artist Binho Ribeiro and Marite Iglesias of Wynwood Properties
The Dusty Rebel and The Yok
The Yok and Sheryo

About Goldman Properties; since 1968, Goldman Properties has been in the business of restoring neighborhoods and creating thriving global communities.  With an understanding that art and artists contribute to the fabric of a neighborhood in immeasurable ways, the Goldman Family has been at the forefront of the revitalization of SoHo in New York City, Miami Beach’s Art Deco District, downtown Philadelphia and the Wynwood Arts District, home to Wynwood Walls.  The Walls, known as the “museum of the streets” boasts murals created by some of the world’s most renowned street artists including OSGEMEOS. For more information: