Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Savage Habbit Mural Project in Jersey City, Kickstarter & YOU!

Just a few minutes from NYC lies a another world of some of the most talented street and mural artists from all over the world in Jersey City, NJ.  Take the path over (only a 15 minute ride to Grove Street) and see the fabulous job Savage Habbit (founded in 2012), is doing bringing color, culture and vibrancy to Hudson County as they continue to transform the areas outdoor space with public murals.

The organization would like to continue their endeavors  making an huge impact on the area but they need your help!  Please take a look at the Savage Habbit Kickstarter fundraising campaign, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/savagehabbit/savage-habbit-murals-project and give these folks your support so they can continue to beautify the area.  Choose your level of support and receive a wonderful art gift as a thank you, (listed on the campaign page, click the link!)

Here is a look at some of the recent murals from local and international artists...

What your pledges go toward:
  • Paint - latex and spray
  • Supplies - rollers, brushes, and all your other basic painting supplies
  • Scaffolding/Lifts (if necessary)
  • Food, water, and other essential goodies to sustain our artists 
  • This is an opportunity to be a part of a greater community project. They are eager to build upon what they have already accomplished and bring Hudson County to the forefront of the current global street art scene.
Pixel Pancho
Li-Hil working above and finished shot below....
Case Maclaim
From their Kickstarter: The ongoing Savage Habbit Murals Project has currently brought 13 murals to the streets of Jersey City, NJ and most recently 1 to Union City, NJ, all painted within 2 years and more are to come for the remaining wall season this year. Through our relationships with artists, via the art blog, we are able to work on a more personal level with them encouraging full artistic creatively on the walls with a variety of styles of work, ranging from traditional painterly approaches to bold and exciting characters... we like to think it's about creating a family experience.

Organized through the permission of property owners artists are hand selected to fit the property, neighborhood and/or business at the location to create an inspiring outdoor experience.

Mata Ruda and Nanook working recently...

Angelina Christina, Easeone and DisSatisfied in progress this past summer, finished piece below

Sean Lugo
Mike Maka 
Mr. Mustart
Alice Pasquini
To learn more about Savage Habbit and the art transforming Jersey City, NJ visit: