Friday, July 3, 2015

Photoblog: True Graffiti from the U.K. Masters Trans1 & Noir!

Here we have a quick photo blog of incredible U.K. graffiti artists Trans1 and Noir as they were in the area earlier in June.   Here's a few shots of their walls in Bushwick, the first set at the Collective, one from JMZ Walls (that's most likely gone now), and a bunch from an exclusive shoot on the Tats Cru headquarters rooftop.  People rarely get up there so it was an honor to photograph the guys with Rafael Gonzalez without typical street distractions.  At the very bottom we stopped to see Wane at Welling Court and later that evening with YesOne at a gallery/pub spot.  
Looking forward to the guys visit next year already, incredible work, you'll agree....
Trans1 (top) and Noir (below, from Bushwick Collective area), photos thanks to @Dustyrebel
Trans 1 (left) Noir (right)
JMZ Walls
Above and below area all from Tats Cru rooftop

With Wane (above) and YesOne (below)
For more info and photos follow Trans1 here:@trans1Graffiti and Noir here: Noir_Addicted_To_Steel .