Monday, July 13, 2015

Photo Blog: "Everything But The Kitchen Sink" in Ozone Park!

Graffiti and art masters Jamie Hef and KA painted an amazingly detailed, two building mural in Ozone Park that was completed last week.  Entitled "Everything But The Kitchen Sink," there are so many details you'll need plenty of time to check it all out and will keep finding more to look at as you gaze the mega walls.  The piece starts to the left with Design markers and Krylon paints in the kitchen with all kinds of details taking you back an almost 1970's style kitchen.  Notice the lamp, cat clock and details through the window.... 
A giant "food fight" happens as you step into the kitchen and yes, you will see "everything but the kitchen sink" - all of the other appliances you use daily and countless iconic, memorable foods you used to eat and still probably do.  Note the specialty brands such as the Wonder bread, Campbell soups, Hostess cup cakes, hot sauce, Mrs. Butterworth's, and Spam and lurking and fighting.  The guys left nothing out, this food fight is iconic.  
Meat and vegetables at odds with each other...

This memorable graffiti/street art wall is located at 8902 Atlantic Avenue in Ozone Park. The Hostess cupcake you'll find on the roll down directly next to the wall, you can't miss it.  Enjoy!  (Eat first.)
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