Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Zealand's Owen Dippie Paints Three Epic Murals in Brooklyn!

Welcome to the larger than life murals of New Zealand's Owen Zippie, (OD.)   During his approx. seven week stay in the NYC area he created a few master pieces, some took longer than others due to weather and crazy circumstances, luckily we are left with a few gems!  His first was for the Bushwick Collective (above), "Jay-Z/Basquiat," which coincided with his solo exhibit at Lowbrow Artique.  
Signature OD wall at Lowbrow Artique (above), photos from his exhibit below with fellow artist, Brian Kirhagis...
The next, "Teenage Mutant Ninja ART Turtles" can be seen on Morgan St. (Bushwick), and finally the epic "The Radiant Madonna" for the Bushwick Collective on Troutman & Irving Street.  Just look up, you'll see it.
Here are a few work in progress and finished shots as OD is off to Los Angeles to make history there as well.  We hope he comes back again next year with wife Erin.  Thanks to A Dying Breed for making all of this happen!
The epic turtles.....finished! (Progress shots below.)

On to more brilliance, "The Radiant Madonna" which stops traffic, again see this on on Troutman & Irving St., in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Martha Cooper also came by to see this one as he applied the final touch ups.  Here's a couple photos from day one and the rest from the final....

With Martha Cooper (above/below.)
For more masterpieces from OD and to see his latest look here on Instagram @owendippie and