Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Sights of Art in the Summertime; Sunshine & Smell of Aerosol - Doesn't Get Any Better! See Tats Crus Latest Gem in The Bronx!

Last week famed design, mural and graffiti artists, Tats Cru competed a brilliant wall off the Soundview MTA 6 line.  Lots of people continuously stopped by to take photos and talk with the guys especially on day two viewing the final, finished wall.   This is Bronx dedication at its finest with a tribute to Hip-Hop, Zulu Nation and of course Sonia Sotomayor.
Have a look at in progress and finished shots and see Tats Cru; Bio, BG and Nicer and fellow artists Crash, PerOne, Ces, Jorit Agoch from Italy and Pretty Tone keeping it all together!
Bio & Crash
Per & Ces
Per, BG, Pretty Tone, Crash Jorit, Friend, Ces and Bio....
See this in person directly off the Soundview MTA 6 train stop heading north to Bronx and visit the other previously complete murals across the street on adjacent blocks.