Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Art in the Park: First Street Green Mural Graffiti In The Center of Downtown

About a month back the historic First Street Green Park in the East Village received a nice makeover of mural graffiti art by some of the cities best including Jerms, Topaz, Meres, See TF, Python/Kenji and Demer.  It's one of my favorite graffiti scenes dipiciting two of NYC's most popular area landmarks, Katz Deli and CBGS's.  Of course CBGB's in long gone but luckily we have great artists that keep the venues alive (in a world random chains popping up all over the city.)  CBGB's was the center point for punk rock music back in the "real" NYC days.  Katz's better not go anywhere.  
Jerms & Topaz
Kenji/ Python
OTM / Meres
Head to the park on Houston off Second Avenue and have a look at great graffiti art and important NYC history all in one.