Sunday, February 7, 2016

Cobi Moules IS a "New Kid on the Block," Brooklyn's Eddie Martines & More in Chelsea

New gallery shows are in full effect in Chelsea, New York City as the galleries are showcasing their best in the new year.  Starting off with Brooklyn's Eddie Martinez "Salmon Eye" at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, to a group exhibit at Mike Weiss, and finally my much anticipated Cobi Moules at Lyons Wier. 

First, check out Martinez show running through March 5, 2016...

See more by Martinez by visiting the gallery at 534 W26th Street and and @miandn and #eddiemartinez, not to miss.

Another stellar group exhibition at Mike Weiss Gallery with a variety of artists in all mediums but the sculptures sole the show... Visit the gallery at 520 W. 24th Street with more info here:
My favorite pick is multi media artist with these insane, priceless sculptures; Adam Parker Smith, visit @adamparketsmith to see more or the gallery's site for info on the other artists.

My most anticipated showing was Cobi Moules at Lyons Wier at 542 W24th Street, running through March 5, 2016.  Moving back and forth between lust and friendship, Cobi has created the childhood relationships that could have been."  He re-explored imagining his life with each member of the band but rejecting Danny altogether, to become "that new kid."   He positioned himself with the other members in a unique ways, appearing in each painting.   These small paintings are a definite must see up close.

Cobi Moules

Visit, #cobimoules and keep your eyes on Moules!
Until next week...