Tuesday, February 2, 2016

David Bowie Tribute Art Hits Instagram. Tons Of It. Here Are A Few Picks from the Past Month...

Photo blog:  Below are a few picks of my favorite David Bowie tribute art I plucked off Instagram over the past few weeks.  His death is weighing heavy on so many of us worldwide and it's not going away anytime soon as we lost our hero.  Many artists decided to pay tribute, (they are identified by their Instagram headline or it is noted where known.  If you would like to have your Bowie art featured email me at valentestyle@gmail.com.)  
David Bowie is forever....
Olimpia Zagnoli
Chris RWK
Pure Evil

Invader (right)
Noah Scalin
Both Juan Barletta
Mr. Prvrt (left)
Courtesy @dustyrebel

More Bowie tribute art on the next post...because it keeps coming as everyone loves and misses David Bowie.