Monday, April 18, 2016

AIPAD Show Brings New Photos Stars & Photographic History To Park Ave. Armory

Photo Blog:  Because it was a photography fair!  An art fair I look forward to each April took place last week at the Park Avenue Armory on the Upper East Side in NYC.  The Association of International Photography Art Dealers, AIPAD, delighted all of the photo enthusiasts serious about the history, contemporary present and future of photography. 
Robert & Shana Parkharrison
Celebrating it's 36th edition, eighty-six of the world's leading fine art photography galleries presented a range of museum quality work including contemporary, modern, and 19th century photographs as well as art, video and new mixed media.  Galleries from New York City, the national and the world united to present the most talented photographers of today mixed with those from all time periods.  
Have a look at a few of my favorite picks and visit the website and info below to learn more.
Robert & Shana Parkharrison
Teun Hocks

Arthur Elgort with Staley Wise Gallery

Melvin Sokolsky, Over New York, 1963
with Staley Wise Gallery

Both above by Alexey Titarenko

HenryCallahan, 1991 with Etherton Gallery

Smone Rosenbauer, Like Ice in the Sunshine, 2014 
wit Laurnece Miller Galllery

Steve Shapiro, David Bowie "The Man Who Fell To Earth,'" 1975 

Alex Webb, (both above) Mexico and India, 1991
with Robert Koch Gallery

Tamas Dezso, Sitting Bear, 2013 
with Robert Koch Gallery

Trent Davis Bailey, Karen, 2014
with Robert Koch Gallery

Sebastiaan Bremer, Flower series, 2015
with Edwyn Houk Gallery

Julie Blackmon, Waiting Room, 2016

Paulette Tavormina, Vanitas II & III (The Letter), 2015 
with Robert Mann Gallery

Marianne Rothen, Cowboy, 2015

Massimo Vitali, Tropea Shadow, 2015

Maia Flore

John Baldessari 
with Yancey Richardson Gallery

Nickolas Muray, Frida with Granizo, 1939
with PDNB Gallery
Nickolas Muray, Frida Kahlo on Bench, 1939
with PDNB Gallery

Karen Knorr with Eric Franck Fine Art

Norman Parkinson, Vogue, 1949
 with Eric Franck Fine Art
Visit and @aipad for more information.