Friday, May 6, 2016

Street Poetry of Jim Joe Hits The Hole Gallery.

If you have lived in New York City for a while you may have seen the scribbles and writings of Jim Joe on the streets, mailboxes, doors, walls, trees and whatever else.  He is consider to be a contemporary-graffiti-poet of sorts.  
Last week The Hole Gallery presented "Look Means Memorize," the second solo exhibit by Jim Joe.  The crisp, clean ensemble consists of 30 small paintings, one large piece and wall texts foot level.  The small paintings are written by hand while the wall texts are a personality assessment by certified graphologist using Jim Joe's handwriting as its point of reference.  Together, these works form an analytical portrait of a person who isn't there.  

All exhibits at the Hole also include time with 
Bert the Pom (right.) 
For more info on this exhibit visit: @theholenyc & @bertiebertthepom.