Saturday, August 6, 2016

Keith Haring Tribute Wall Happens in Soho!

The long awaiting Keith Haring Tribute Wall by 1970's graffiti and fine artist Luis "Zimad" Lamboy and top Australian artist residing in NYC, Damien Mitchell finally happened a couple weeks ago coinciding with my and Zimad's art exhibit "Downtown 80's Icons."  The wall can be seen at L'asso Pizza, 192 Mott St., Little Italy/Soho, New York City and so far has been one of their most photographed wall, measured by all of the Instagram and Facebook postings from New Yorkers and visitors from around the country and world.  
The art show is down, (big post next blog), but the wall remains up, we hope for a while.  Here is it's making in progress over two humid, 95 degree days on the concrete of New York City...

Luis "Zimad" Lamboy

Damien Mitchell

Zimad with legendary New York Photographer and author Hank O'Neil

Friends dropping by...

A woman just happened to be walking by with 
her freshly framed KH piece and her dog...
how perfect is that?


A few "Instant Art Exposure" Polaroids from my book still in progress, always great to get new ones to add to the 1,400. It's going to be a big book, one day!

Blog post from the art exhibit is up next, stay tuned...

For more info contact Leanna at and visit @zimad_art and @damien_mitchell and @leannav.