Thursday, May 10, 2012

Porter Contemporary Presents Jason Bryant - GET HIS ART NOW!

Soon he will be un-affordable!  My humble opinion at least.  I LOVE his work and if you like a mix of contemporary, fine art and street art, you will too.  Just as good is being at Porter Contemporary Gallery in Chelsea, one of the best and my favorites in the area. Here are a few photos taken at the Porter space at PULSE, and going back a few weeks from the opening Rolling Stone show (running thru May 26th, don't miss it!)  More info below.... 

Shots with the iphone & Instagram, a view of Bryant's display, he painted the petals on the wall for the show!
Other un-edited photos of Bryan's pieces at PULSE
And on skateboards....

Porter & Bryant, hey did you see his tie?!  
Bryant's signature piece for the show!
I first discovered Jason Bryant at "A Rolling Stone" show at Porter in April.  The exhibit is a celebration of 50 years of the Rolling Stones" says Jessica L. Porter, Founder and Director of Porter Contemporary (and the nicest gallerist in town!)   She describes the show as those who keep moving and are never lacking for fresh ideas or creativity.  Besides Bryant, the show also features the works of JaH-HaHo, Naoto Hattori, Jennifer Murray (whose illustrations I also love), Adam Normandin, Johnny Romeo and Two One.

The photos are mainly of Bryant's exhibit, who is from North Carolina and lives/works in NYC.  He's been features in Juxtapoz Magazine, NY Arts Magazine and American Artist among others and a has worked for Kehinde Wiley and Bjarne Melgaard.  All the artists (and the gallery) and amazing and approachable, which we love. Being able to speak with Jessica casually and her friendly approach to patrons and the artists is what makes her successful gallery so very successful.  Her other business is Art To Gift, which brings affordable art to collectors.  

Visit Art To Gift and  and make sure to sign up for her gallery/events email. You don't want to miss her incredible exhibitions, trust me!