Saturday, May 12, 2012

SKULLPHONE Hits Fuse Gallery - Get Your Socks On. Yes, Socks.

Los Angeles based artist SKULLPHONE photos right here friends!  Remember seeing that "skull on the phone" around the East Village? Me too, loved it but wondered who did it, what was it about?  I didn't know until recently.
The show took place last week at Fuse Gallery, 93 2nd Avenue (between 5th & 6th), NYC and runs through May 30, 2012.  Skullphone first gained notoriety on the city streets of LA with his iconic image and with XOS I SOX, he assembled something around loose ideas of New York, signage, and sox - "everyone needs them."   Read on....
Socks, get it? I think this is the SKULLPHONE logo....
Playing off the "It's The Law in NYS."  Keep your eyes open for the reflection in each piece. He placed them like that for a reason, and if you've ever followed any of my fashion winds photos-it's all about the reflection and hidden things you will see!
Notice the lit-up skull there in the corner, he positioned it like that. The blue sock sculpture was guarded by gallery associate Fern, it was worth a-lot!
Lisa  Lebofsky & Fern of FUSE GALLERY
...and their desk with lots of SKULLPHONE promo materials.
Skullphone has piled 1000 custom produced socks in the gallery, available for patrons - I got mine!  Visit the show and gets yours too. 
You have to love instagram.

Seeing double?  Yeah, I know.  Some are with the reflection, some without. Oh, the police don't like this.
Yes, that's a-lot of socks!
Another look....
Does anyone have an extra copy of this??  This was was signed!
Guests enjoy the evening...

Something I saw on the way to the show, more NYCoolness.  Get it? "Love Me" here, below, "I Love You."   NOW newsflash today - this has been re-done by a new group of artists that are incredible, the pics on this will be up int he next days. Stay tuned for the Beastie Boys tribute art by DANIELLE. (Fresh today!)
Visit Fuse Gallery in the East Village in person and more info at