Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quick Snapshot Of Gallery Photos From the Chelsea Walk During PULSE, More To Come!

I couldn't help but posting a few more photos I took quickly during the Chelsea Gallery Art Walk during PULSE.  These unedited, quick pics are just "snapshots" of a few features to come, such as Cindy Sherman, Courtney Love, Kehinde Wiley and Shepard Fairey. 
New Shinique Smith
Why do I love to shoot pics of people looking at art?  Stay tuned for much more on that.
A bunch from Mike Weiss Gallery, they captured me because I have always loved decorative plate. These were HUGE, you'll see a feature on this artists too. 
Simply shot with an iphone...camera shots to come.
Another photo with the iphone, greater detail as soon as I edit them, ah - time!
A quick glance of Cindy Sherman...
  A few highlights of Shepard Fairy at Pace Prints Gallery, wait to you see them all...and yes, these are jsut the prints...
Just a few highlights of Chelsea Gallery night during Pulse. More on the way.

Also coming up highlights from the Hester St. Fair "art/fashion mix" and all new street art from Hanky and many more amazing street artists I met this weekend. It. Was. Like. Christmas!