Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's A Street Art Summer! Best of the Best: "LADIES FIRST" in Harlem Showcases First ALL Female Artists!

The lazy days of summer are providing some amazing street art happenings all over the city! Been in Harlem lately?  I have not, but couldn't wait to go up this past weekend for the "LADIES FIRST" all female graffiti art exhibition, in Sugar Hill.   It was an amazing treat to meet almost all of the artists at the Azucarera NYC Gallery as they and James Top Productions presented the event at 414 West 145th.  The show of talent runs through Sept. 3, 2012 and features the first ever (in the area), group of international, all female graffiti artists that were especially chosen for this showcase.  

Left to right, Marthalicia Matarrita, Danielle Mastrion & Scratch (Jenny Norberg)
Featured artist include Scratch, Danielle Mastrion, Marthalicia Matarrita, Grape 897, Diva, Vik, Erotica 67, Dollface, PinkEye, Mythe, Am, Erin Yoshi, QA, Elan, Redy Roc Red and Shiro (all the way from Japan in town for this event and the Times Sq. Japan Fundraiser, that post is tomorrow!)   Uptown NYC gave birth to art in the early 1970's as Barbara 62, Eva 62 and Stoney contributed to the evolution in those early years. Today you can see the new premier artists continuing the tradition with beautiful works on canvas, ready to be taken home.

Queen Andrea's Dynamo
Works above (all three) from Scratch
Left to right; Shiro, Kristen & Scratch
Nothing represented the good ol' days like....
Shiro and views of her work;Sharku (Guy) & Mikaeri - Bijin (lady) - and her kicks above....
Matarrita & her works...
"Did you catch it yet? Amazing designs by PINK EYE above, visit www.igotpinkeye.com for more info.
Danielle Mastrion's "Stay High 149" - If you love this you should see her tribute to the Beastie Boys in the E. Village!
Art by Redy Roc Reds above; No Parking & Subway Sign
Artist Elan and her work
Dogs like street art too!
For more info and profiles on the ladies visit: http://www.jamestopproductions.com/events.html . Also learn more about legendary graffiti artist James Top and his tours, projects and much more on the above website.  If you love street art, you need to know James --and these ladies of course.

The Azucarera Gallery, 414 West 145th (basement level)
Show runs through September 3, 2012. Don't wait, catch it now and take home a piece of history!