Sunday, July 21, 2013

Aurelien Juner Creatively Covers "The Covers" With Perfection.

One day while surfing Trendland.Com I came across New York based, Aurelien Juner’s "Surface" series and fell in love with his work immediately.   I gravitate to the wickedly subversive take on the fashion glossy (and their covers) - mixed medium/collage pieces, photographed to a witty and provocative perfection, stylish and totally creative.  (That's is what my art is also about, or what I hope to achieve - and what I love to write about for the art/fashion mix at the "salon".)  His pieces are brilliantly executed, especially if you love the glossy covers as I do.  I enjoy where the deconstruction and imperfections are so prevalent and proudly displayed, whether it's Vogue, V Mag or  Jalouse to name a few, the distorted images in his work, work well for me 150%.
Here is a quote I found from Juner;
"Surface is a personal photographic reflexion on the function of fashion magazine as a medium of dissemination of "mass culture" images and its relation to reality - questioning the status of the fictional world and idealized created for the magazine, and its relationship to the real world where the image is built."

You can see his art/fashion mix and fall in love with his creativity and unique sense of design, as I have here: