Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The 1980's Are Back With Savior Elmundo & Pesu's Show At LaMama Gallery, Bring It!

Curators Frankie Velez and Frankie Cedeno presented Savior Elmundo and Pesu "1980's NOW" exhibit at LaMama Gallery last week.  Nothing short of feeling like I was back in the 80's with the art and music, a packed house of art enthusiasts couldn't help but also dancing around to DJ Crazy Legs.  It was quite a party as you will see below along with artistic tributes to Prince, Haring, Warhol and more all things done 80's style.

In a double artist statement, 1980's NOW is described as "a culmination of these two artist's separate yet similar journeys from their wild youth to present day. Putting on canvas all the elements of their own personal cultures and the ones they immersed themselves in over the years.The works will give a glimpse of past lives and present artistic prowess. At once transporting you back in time with an eye to the future, which is now. This show is a trip literally and figuratively. The artists challenge you to pay respect to the iconography yet to look above and beyond it with an eye through time."
Collaboration piece by Elmundo & Pesu, mixed media on canvas.
First, meet the curators above; Frankie Velez and Frankie Cedeno who put this amazing event together...
Now the artists; Savior Elmundo and his work.....

Elmundo, born in Harlem, NY is an accomplished dancer, artist and filmmaker and was featured in the HBO Latino Film Festival in 2011 and has participated in art shows from New York to Los Angeles since 2008.  He also runs The New Collage Project, a weekly live painting event in the lower east side strongly supporting and promoting NYC artists.
Now for Pesu and his exhibit...
Tattooed on his art LIFE IS ART, he has lived it no doubt since his early years as a graffiti artist in Japan. He has also participated in the Sundance Film Festival and created custom pieces for Boston Red Sox, Marly Mar and Sam Rockwell.  Being named one of the 12 best live paint battlers by MTV for their "Art Battles" shows he has done a great deal of high profile and custom work for in New York art world. Projects have included the Global Autism Project, American Cancer Society, Lascoste Legends, the "Love Save Japan's" logo in which J.Crew picked up for their t-shirts and tote bags.  All profits went to Red Cross Japan.  Pesu also did artwork for COACH during New York's Fashion's Night Out 2010, both projects I remember vividly.  
DJ Crazy Legs
Stylist Jeffrey Feliz-Ybes & friends
Lifestyle editor; Stephanie Mills
Be on the look out for new projects by the duo, information for both can be found on their Facebook pages. 
Yes, let's continue to bring back the 80's!  The 70's will be back tomorrow with my Studio 54 panel discussion coverage with Marc & Myra (from Studio 54 Radio on Sirius XM.)  In conjunction, coverage of the legendary 70's fashion designer Stephen Burrows show from the Museum of the City of New York.